A fully integrated suite of products built for Robopreneur's

We bring together everything that’s required to build a successful business online.

Frosted’s products power automated arbitrage opportunities, streamlining free online products, and much more for Robopreneur's all across the world.

Dropshipping by Frosted.

Dropshipping by Frosted gives you the ability to sell hundreds of items a month without ever needing to front any capital or touch any of your products physically.

We automatically source products from various online retailers then giving you the ability to upload them to your eBay.

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Products by Frosted.

No need to pay for Amazon products when you have access to thousands of free Amazon products on Products by Frosted.

The catch? There isn't one.

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Your Sneaker Group, Reimagined.

Learn about upcoming sneaker drops, card release, bot restock info, release recaps, all on your dashboard. No more spammy notifications, just content streamlined for you.

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Dashboards Built For You

Frosted is built from the ground up to transform how you obtain information in the reselling world. You will be able to explore:

  • Upcoming sneaker & streetwear drops
  • Full site-lists + raffle-lists
  • Upcoming bot restocks
  • Bot trends
  • Release setups & recaps
  • Profitable sports & Pokémon flips
  • In-store card drops
  • Freebies & flips
  • Announcements & important info
  • Giveaways & group buys

We built Frosted in a way where each user is able to curate their own experience based on what is pertinent to you.

Personalized Notifications

Discord notifications can get stressful. The average user in just one reseller-based Discord group gets well over 500+ notifications a day if no channels are muted. Frosted will help you fix that issue.

Users on Frosted have four different notification types. You can select between:

  • iMessage Notifications
  • Text Notifications
  • Discord DM notifications
  • Email notifications

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Welcome to the future of reselling.

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